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          SJTU the 9th National Culture Festival Held Successfully

          October 30, 2019      Author: Li Yingying

          On the morning of Oct., 27th, 2019, the Ninth National Culture Festival "Blooming Flowers"was successfully held in the Yangsiping Lawn, Minhang Campus.  Sponsored by SJTU Party Committee's United Front Work Department, the Student Affairs Steering Committee and the Youth League Committee, and organized by SJTU Minorities Union and Student Union, this festival attracted hundreds of teachers and students to share the feast of national culture together.

          First of all, present leaders and guests jointly launched this national cultural festival.

          The art performance began with the song and dance performance Motherland and Me"  elaborately prepared by teachers of SJTU Minorities Union, and ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

          More than 20 ethnic minorities participated in the performance at the National Cultural Festival, which attracted lots of teachers and students for more exchanges.

          In the national exhibition booth, there were various kinds of foods and crafts, and the folk customs of different ethnic groups were quite attractive.

          Against the backdrop of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, this National Culture Festival set its theme as "Chinese ethnic groups is a family which build the Chinese dream together" to show the different national customs and promote their exchanges.

          The first self-sponsored national festival was held in 2010. After that, its scale and influence keep on growing. And it has gradually become a stage for SJTU teachers and students of all ethnic groups to show their national culture and an important platform for exchanges among different ethnic groups.


          Translated by Chen Qianqian     Reviewed by Wang Bingyu

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