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        1. Research

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          SJTU is constantly strengthening its independent scientific research innovation capability. Research fund has increased steadily, with the total funding from the National Natural Science Foundation ranking first in China, and major breakthroughs have been made in the construction of research bases and laboratories. Following winning 11 State Scientific and Technological Awards in 2010, in 2011 SJTU won 13 State Scientific and Technological Awards. The number of academic dissertations continues to be on the top in the country; quality of SCI Dissertations has greatly improved with the number of "Outstanding" dissertations ranking the 2nd in China.

          Aiming to be at the forefront of modern technology and to meet the strategic requirements of national development, SJTU keeps enhancing cooperation between industry, academy, and research by establishing partnerships with dozens of large enterprises in the fields of discipline construction, scientific research, and talent cultivation. SJTU set up Shanghai Zizhu Science-based Industrial Park, together with Zijiang Holdings and the Minhang District Government, which has attracted over 100 enterprise research centers in over 10 years, such as Microsoft, Intel and Wicresoft. The establishment of Zizhu University Students & Teachers Entrepreneurship Center provides significant support for SJTU's Tech Innovation Programs and Innovative Talent Development. SJTU co-founded Shanghai Zizhu Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute (AITRI) with Minhang District. As of now, AITRI has signed contracts with several large enterprises to establish advanced industry R&D centers.


          Research Funding (in the recent 5 years)


          Fund(CNY 100 million)











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